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Pulse Survey: The results are in

By Andrew Furman, MD, Vice President Medical Affairs


Earlier this year the medical staff was asked to take a short Pulse Survey to provide feedback and assess areas of improvement and opportunity. Our participation was similar to other surveys: 41 percent.

The Medical Staff Engagement Committee has begun breaking down the results. We’re excited about these positive ‘top box’ results trends:

satisfied with experience

Deni Hoover and Matt Boles have led many tests of change over the last fiscal year to accomplish these results. Thank you!

Contact Deni and Matt to find out their secret to success.

doing a good job

We had a lofty goal to reach 55 percent. We did make about a 30 percent improvement in that metric with the work done to improve communication, explore the PSA process, change scope and structure of the Medical Staff Engagement Committee, and increase recognition, but we have more work to do which will carry over into next year’s Physician Engagement A3. 

Our recent Focus Groups sessions were attended by 53 providers. Watch for an upcoming article from Ralph Yates summarizing the findings. Input from the surveys and the focus groups is driving decisions for our 2018 Physician Engagement strategy. There is still plenty of work to be done. We are listening to you and taking measureable steps to address your concerns and recommendations. My door is always open and I welcome the opportunity to talk. 

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