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From IT to You: OSAG update

We promised you a 60-day update on time savings from the new OSAG process.

However, after implementing the changes, we immediately hit the first Epic build freeze and have not been able to bring any new requests all the way through the process.

This is a prime opportunity, then, to tell you what an Epic build freeze really is.

At this phase in the Epic upgrade project, we have built most of the new enhancements and pieces that we will layer into the system.

Now begins a series of “dress rehearsals” to practice applying the upgrade and verify that the new features work as designed. We then match new items with our training materials to ensure that the appropriate level of communication and training occurs.

We “freeze” all non-emergent requests for changes to Epic to decrease variability, maintain the integrity of our testing and reduce the risk of adding incompatible updates to the current system. 

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