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Michael L. Hanslits, MD - Team Award

This team of three dramatically improved a woman’s health – possibly saving her life -- in our Dallas hospital during a “routine” MRI. Here’s how the story unfolded: Seven Hill was doing an orthopedic MRI on a patient with significant shoulder pain. He noticed something off and had the patient wait while he reviewed the images with the radiologist, Dr. Hanslits, who agreed more tests were needed. Seven also knew the patient was having health insurance concerns and didn't plan to follow up. This created a senseHanslits, Michael L. of urgency, so Ariel from administration joined the group to help with insurance and nursing concerns. The ordering provider wasn’t available for more information, and the covering wasn’t familiar with the case. By now, 20 minutes had passed with the patient getting worried in the lobby.  Dr. Hanslits explained his concerns, as well as the steps we had taken so far — then recommended she check into the emergency department, where the emergency physician could order additional tests.  While the patient had several concerns, including insurance and childcare, Ariel was standing by to help. Ultimately, the patient was treated in the ED, where another study was done giving a definitive diagnosis, and a procedure was done later that evening.

Without Seven identifying a concern and bringing the right team together, and Ariel and Dr. Hanslit's stepping up to help, the patient would have waited significantly longer for diagnosis and treatment, and the outcome could have been vastly different. This team brought together many TeamSTEPPS tools effectively.

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