Graphing patient lab data in Epic | Common Ground | July 9, 2017
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From IT to You: Graphing patient lab data in Epic

By Claire O’Brien, MD, chief medical information officer

The Information Services division publishes a special topics article in each Common Ground. In every other issue, we include a quick tip for improving efficiency in Epic. On alternating weeks, there will be a paragraph or two of hot topic information to keep providers informed.

Looking up data: Graph patient lab results over time

  1. In Results Review, click the drop-down arrow next to  View and select Extended View.
  2. Select the Hide data prior to check box and indicate how far back you want to see historical data.
  3. Select a single row to graph individual components, or click and drag to select multiple components.
  4. Click Graph. The graph appears.
  5. Review the data trends in the purple line and compare them to the upper and lower ends of the reference range.
  6. Click Close to return to your results data view.

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