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Updated travel screening

By Julie Koch, infection prevention manager

On May 9, the new travel screening assessment will go live. Patients will no longer be questioned about travel to West African countries regarding potential Ebola exposure. 

New guidelines suggest a more generalized travel questionnaire and will provide up-to-date information about potential exposure to pathogens in virtually any country a patient may have recently visited. The Oregon Health Authority has asked us to make this transition.  

Staff will now be asking, “Have you traveled out of country within the last 30 days?” If the patients’ answers are affirmative, they will be asked to identify their country of travel. This will be recorded for providers, along with a link to the CDC travel site. Here, the provider can select the country of travel, click ‘Go,’ and then click ‘Travel Health Notices.’  The CDC keeps this site up-to-date. Contact Infection Prevention at 503-814-2788 or with any questions you may have.  

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