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Meds to Beds trial coming soon

By Joe Schnabel, pharmaceutical care director

A patient's recovery after a hospital stay can sometimes hinge on something as simple as filling prescriptions. Quickly accessing medication can reduce readmission rates and eliminates stress. Unfortunately, many patients can have a difficult time filling their prescriptions after a hospital stay. Salem Health is trialing a program that will give patients the choice to have their discharge prescriptions delivered to their bedside before discharge.

The trial program will begin Monday, May 8th on the D5 unit. Nurses will ask patients when entering the unit if they would like to use the Meds to Beds program when they are discharged. If yes, their prescriptions will be filled and brought to their bedside by a pharmacist before they leave.  Pharmacists will provide medication counseling and assure that the patients questions are answered before they leave.

To be eligible for the trial, patients must be discharged to home from D5 on Monday through Friday. Weekend discharges are not eligible since the outpatient pharmacy is currently not open on weekends. Patients being discharged to long-term care are not eligible since they have their own pharmacy services.

Most prescription plans are accepted, except Kaiser Permanente and plans with pharmacy restrictions. Patients will be able to pay at the bedside with cash, check or card.

The Meds to Beds trial on D5 will allow workflows to be tested and improved. The trial will last for 60 days, then expand to at least three additional nursing units by the end of 2017.

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