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Team Award - Drs. Martin Johnson, Jayaprakash Reddy, Clifton Bong, Swati Mehta, Preethi Prakash                    

Salem Health was experiencing an increase in Central Line Blood Stream Infections (CLABSIs) In 2014, finishing the fiscal year with 15 infections across intensive care (including neonatal) and medical/surgical units. Action was needed, and successfully taken to dramatically reduce these infections.

All multidisciplinary team members went to the Gemba through our Lean approach to observe various central line practices. Standard work was developed based on evidence. A literature review highlighted more improvement opportunities. We divided the work into three components: 1) adherence to maintenance standards, 2) decreasing device days, and 3) environmental and medical device cleaning standards. 

Without medical staff members working hard to help develop new standards – then providing education -- Salem Health would not have been able to decrease and sustain our target of less than 50 percent of CLABSIs. Also, an average cost of a CLABSI is $45,814. These can be the most expensive HAIs.  Using the average, we spent $687,210 for 15 CLABSI’s ($641,396 if you use our 14 CLABSIs as our baseline for our A3 for three Quarters); This year we have spent $137,442 with three.  This is a cumulative drop (from 14 to 3) and savings of $503,954!


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