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Punjab trip “gives back” to Sudeep Taksali

Medical service trips typically focus on what the visiting doctor can do. But Hope Orthopedics surgeon Sudeep Taksali, MD, has observed this experience can also be defined by the unique emotional impact the provider experiences.Taksali, Sudeep

Dr. Taksali recently spent a week volunteering at a charitable hospital in the state of Punjab, India. The hospital has 300 beds and was set up to meet the needs of the nearby rural population which includes 600 villages and towns with an estimated population of 1.5 million.

Many patients arrive at the hospital after their fractures have progressed to a more complicated state. They often have been managed by local “bone setters” and present with fractures that have not healed or are out of alignment. Despite not having resources widely available in the U.S., they help countless patients have good outcomes.

Dr. Taksali improved patient care by sharing his knowledge with hospital staff. He lectured on how to build a Geriatric Fracture Program, where he referenced his experience at Salem Health. His expertise in fracture care also helped the team fix a number of complex cases such as a humerus nonunion, a tibial stress fracture nonunion, a tibia fracture in a child with compartment syndrome and a shoulder fracture dislocation that had be out for 2 weeks.

Being able to serve these people is an energizing experience, he emphasized.

“Providing care for patients without the thought of remuneration, simply because there is a need that needs to be met, is very gratifying,” he said.

His connection with the hospital spans several years. He looks forward to the day when he can return.

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