Common Ground | May 29, 2016
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May 29, 2016: Concerns about Salem Health withholding health information
May 29, 2016
Notes from April Breakfast with the CEO
Affiliation, ACA, Moda and other things you need to know

Let us know how we can improve!

For all medical staff: Moving forward the dialogue

Communication between medical staff and administration

Moda exchange product
Why did Salem Health partner with Moda?

Who is the newest chair of the MSEC?

Salem Health can provide cost estimates within three days 
Community members interested in learning the potential costs for services provided can now call Salem Health.

Addressing physician concerns about Salem Health withholding health information
How sharing patient records works

OHSU Partners: The road ahead
Where is OHSU partners going?

Streamlined scheduling system
Starting June 6, the WebXchange scheduling solution will be the source of truth for daily schedules and paging.

Avoid pacemaker claim denials
Proper coding is key

Equipment cleaning guidelines
It may not sound too exciting, but it keeps patients safe

Epic upgrade
When and what is happening with Epic in June

MedNews Plus to be discontinue
How you can continue to get CMEs 
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Ralph Yates, DO, CMO, Kendall Graven, MD, Medical Staff President
 Bonnie Driggers,
 Chair, Compact Implementation Committee
Andrew Furman, MD, VP of Medical Affairs 
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