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Common Ground: positive patient ID; welcome to Drs. Rafiq and Hakim
July 27, 2014
magnetStructural Empowerment: A Magnet® pillar

By Sarah Wolfe, RN, MSN, professional development specialist and
Jeanine Scott, RN, MSN, clinical education manager  
Clinical Education Department


For an organization to achieve the best outcomes, employees across the organization must have the skills, knowledge and ability to make excellent choices and get results. This is the theory behind "Structural Empowerment" a key pillar of Magnet®.


Employees in an organization that has achieved structural empowerment demonstrate common traits--feelings of competence, independence and commitment. They are accountable, effective and better at their jobs.


Salem Hospital has numerous systems designed to achieve this kind of empowerment and to help new employees succeed in such an environment. Two such programs--our preceptor program and our New Grad Residency program--reflect our commitment to recruiting and retaining high-quality nursing staff.


Preceptor education and support

For 10 years, Salem Hospital has required nurse preceptors to receive formal training with the goal of improving the nurse's experience as a preceptor. A preceptor is an experienced and competent staff nurse who has received formal training and who serves as a role model and a resource person to new staff nurses.


Salem Hospital's preceptor program includes:

  • Identification of nurses with the clinical and teaching skills to be successful preceptors.
  • An Initial Preceptor Class that covers state-of-the-art adult learning styles, building trust, creating goals and measuring progress.
  • A biennial refresher course.

Based on feedback from preceptors and new nurses, Salem Hospital has refined its preceptor curriculum to better prepare nurses for the issues they frequently encounter and to develop the skills preceptors say they need.


New Grad Residency program

The New Grad Residency program runs four cohorts each year for newly graduated nurses joining the hospital. The program helps new nurses move from the academic setting to the practice environment, gaining knowledge and forming relationships that will serve them throughout their careers. Steve Buck, RN, BSN; Sarah Wolfe, RN, MSN; David Schultze, RN, MSN; Amy Stokes, RN, MSN; and Jeanine Scott, RN, MSN; from the hospital's clinical education department, developed the program.


Magnet hospitals look for empirical outcome to measure success. The New Grad Residency program gets results. The program has contributed to improved EKG competency, decreased absenteeism, increased retention, and achieved a high level of consistency in nursing activities that are essential for successful, reliable and safe practice.


These are just a couple of examples of Salem Hospital's ongoing commitment to building a strong and highly skilled workforce. We listen to what our employees want, we deliver it and we measure and evaluate our progress, recognizing that empowerment is a process.


We're glad to play a part in helping Salem Hospital do this important work and that structural empowerment enables us to do so. 


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PPIDSalem Hospital seeks to eliminate labeling errors 

  • Starting July 30 with inpatient phlebotomy only
  • Housewide for inpatient specimen collection Nov. 5  

Salem Hospital is implementing a Positive Patient Identification System for blood draws and -- eventually -- all specimen collection. This will bring hospital practices in line with nationally recognized best practices that ensure patient safety. Salem Hospital's laboratory processes approximately 135,000 specimens annually. The hospital averages 350 Patient Safety Alerts for mislabels each year. 


The PPID system uses handheld scanning technology to confirm patient identity and print labels at the bedside.

PPID eliminates rework and improves patient safety. Because the patient's identification bracelet will be scanned when samples are collected, the technology will raise patient satisfaction by reducing patient "sticks" and re-collections.  


The hospital's goal is to eliminate labeling errors, which can result in misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment. The new technology is consistent with the hospital's system for dispensing medication.


Two days before PPID go-live, on July 28, phlebotomists will also change how they do morning rounds. They will work in a "swarming" pattern (in groups) beginning draws in Building A, then Building B, then D, and E.  


PPID team members began sharing details on this new process at bed meetings on July 23.  


The roll out will take place in phases, beginning with inpatient phlebotomy, moving to the Emergency Department and respiratory therapy in September, and all inpatient nursing staff in November. The hospital will train 36 super users for support during this workflow change. 


For more information, contact Mary Ransome, Director of Imaging & Lab Administration, 503-562-1101.    


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rafiq2Amil Rafiq, MD - Internal Medicine

Salem Health Hospitalists



General Surgery

Harlem Hospital Center

New York, NY

July 2010 to June 2011


Internal Medicine

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

Brooklyn, NY

July 2011 to June 2012


Internal Medicine

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

Brooklyn, NY

July 2012 to June 2014

hakim2Peter M. Hakim, DO

Emergency Medicine


Medical Education:

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine New York, NY

Aug. 2007 to June 2011


Emergency Medicine

Baystate Medical Center

Springfield, MA

July 2011 to June 2014


autoPLC Problem List goes digital 


New enhancements through automation are coming to the Physician Leadership Council (PLC) Problem List:

  • Monthly automated email updates on the status of your item on the problem list
  • Automated email when your problem list item is resolved/closed
  • A problem list dashboard showing categories and status  
  • Automated email reminders to assigned leaders

Try out the new system by submitting your issues, concerns and questions to Kelli Fussell or contact one of your Medical Staff leaders with any items you would like to discuss.


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standingSalem Hospital adopts pre-surgical procedure standard orders

Prior to patient arrival, pre-surgical screening staff will enter standing orders under the assigned anethesiologist. The prep RN will release the orders and initiate the procedures in the order. Standing orders are dropped into the assigned anesthesiologist's "inbox" for signature.

Read the Pre-surgical procedure standing orders
For more information, contact Kristie Lawrence, director of peri anesthesia, 503-814-8471.

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bongBong joins Salem Health IV therapy team

On July 1, Dr. Clifton Bong began as a resource for the Salem Health IV Therapy department. He will help develop policy and evidence-based practice.  He will also serve as a resource for the PICC Team and consultant for attending physicians. If you have questions about vascular access devices (including PICC lines and implantable ports) contact him through the SH paging operator Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

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bestBest Practices at your fingertips


Get evidence-based answers to your clinical questions anywhere on any device. 


Here's how:

  • Register for a My BMJ Best Practice account while using BMJ Best Practice  on any Salem Hospital computer.
  • Use your My BMJ Best Practice account to sign in and get full access from any computer or mobile device - at home, at non-affiliated clinics, or on the road.
  • Get full offline access with the BMJ Best Practice app. Install the free app on your iOS or Android device and sign in with your My BMJ Best Practice account to download the full set of content onto your device. 
  • And of course - you can always use BMJ Best Practice from any Salem Hospital computer with or without signing in. (Sign in with your My BMJ Best Practice account to see your personal notes and bookmarks.) . 

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CEHQCEHQ - Continuing Education Headquarters


Earn and track all of your point-of-care CME credits in one place.


CEHQ allows you to:

Intro to CEHQ point of care CME portal
Intro to CEHQ point of care CME portal
  • Earn AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ while you research clinical questions using any of your favorite accredited resources.  
  • Consult well over 100 accredited resources including BMJ Best Practice, Up To Date, Pub Med, and journals.
  • Download or print out certificates and reports for credit earned from multiple resources without having to go to multiple websites.
  • Include learning from multiple resources on one certificate or report.
  • Customize reports and certificates if needed based on different requirements for different boards - for example last two years or last year, more than 80 percent of credits in your specialty or all credits earned.
  • Keep usernames and passwords for resources requiring individual logins - and automatically fill in the relevant logins for the resource.

To get started, register for your own CEHQ account by clicking on the "Earn CME - CEHQ" button below the navigation bar in any BMJ Best Practice article (not homepage or search results) and then click "Register Now".


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password Password policy update

Salem Health offers this update of the password policy information reported in the June 29 issue of Common Ground.


We reported that the tentative go-live date for enforcement would be August 2014. However, enforcement will likely begin in the fall. Future issues of Common Ground will provide updates as that date approaches.  


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EDMSUpdate on EDMS pre-surgical H&P scanning

Eight outstanding Epic workflow issues must be resolved for electronic document management before the scanning of pre-surgical H&Ps can begin. The project team is diligently working on this high-priority issue to ensure that when the functionality does go-live, it works for every team. Watch Common Ground for an announcement of the new go-live date. 


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CHECSalem Health celebrates Diversity Week, July 28 to Aug. 1

Salem Health's Diversity Committee has created an extensive and varied line up of activities under the theme "Join the Journey to Awareness."  


Salem Hospital encourages all members of the community to:

  • Enjoy foods from around the world.
  • Experience multicultural entertainment.
  • Learn tools to help you be more aware of others while hearing the life story of Jilma Meneses, the director of diversity at Portland State University at 2 p.m.on July 29. in Wedel Auditorium. 
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Left to right:

Thomas Winkler, MD; Cheryl Nester Wolfe, RN, MSN; Andy Walker, Cath Lab Manager;  Brandon Schmidgall, RN; Raghu Kamineni, MD; Kevin Thompson, DO; William Stiles, MD; Matthew Fedor, MD.

Physicians recognized for achieving excellent outcomes  

Healthgrades recently gave the hospital five-star ratings in a number of areas. Patients treated at hospitals receiving five stars in a particular area are 72 percent less likely to experience in-hospital complications than patients treated at one-star hospitals.  


Chief Operating Officer Cheryl Nester Wolfe, RN, MSN, presented members of the cardiology team a certificate recognizing their contributions to Salem Hospital receiving a five-star rating for treatment of heart attack. 


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SCISalem Cancer Institute issues annual report
The new report highlights the institute's 2013 accomplishments, including receiving accreditation from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers and the Commission on Cancer.
skierMan rescued at Mount Jefferson tells of 10-hour ordeal
Local media loved the story of Miko Smilenski who was treated at Salem Hospital after a dramatic rescue on Mount Jefferson. Read the Statesman Journal story.
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