Why Magnet recognition matters
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Magnet matters!

What makes an organization great to work for?

As you consider job opportunities in health care, please note that Salem Hospital has been Magnet™-designated since 2010. Magnet is the highest and most prestigious distinction a health care organization can receive for nursing excellence and high-quality patient care. Only 8 percent of hospitals achieve this gold standard.

Magnet, combined with our Lean principles and methods, reflects a culture of respect for the people who do the work. Our structures and processes ensure the voice of the front line is heard, leading to continuous improvement in patient care, work environment and staff satisfaction.

More than 30 years ago, the American Academy of Nursing conducted research that resulted in identifying 14 Forces of Magnetism. These forces attract and retain top talent and they apply to nurses and interprofessional partners, whether doing direct care for patients or providing services to those who do. Our Magnet designation proves that Salem Hospital is a great place to work.

Forces of Magnetism exemplified at Salem Health Hospitals & Clinics

  • Teamwork and collaboration between staff units departments and disciplines.
  • Exemplary resources to support clinical nurses such as charge nurses, resource nurses, lift team, IV team, security partners, float pool, and clinical nurse specialists.
  • Transformational leaders who convey a strong sense of advocacy and support for staff and patients through purposeful rounding — and who dialogue with staff to remove barriers and support their efforts to continuously improve their workflows.
  • Professional development to support staff in the pursuit of new knowledge through advancement of education, specialty certification, conference attendance and external positions on governing boards and committees.
  • Pride that our quality-of-care exceeds national norms combined with a continuous quest for evidence-based care for improved patient outcomes.
  • Professional governance structure that support 43 unit/department councils and eight organizational councils to make shared clinical decisions.
  • A professional practice model that supports Salem Health Interprofessional Nursing Excellence (SHINE), resulting in professional autonomy for clinical excellence.
  • A smooth transition into practice through preceptorship and mentoring.
  • Strategy alignment that is visible to all staff and communicates how your daily work supports meeting organizational targets. Feedback is encouraged valued and incorporated from staff at all levels.
  • Strong partnerships with community organizations that support improved patient outcomes and the health of the communities we serve.

So you see, Magnet matters to all staff who work at Salem Health.