Surgical care

This graph shows how well we deliver medical care to surgical patients. The higher the percentage, the better the care given. Our goal is to be at 100 percent—delivering best-practice care to every patient, every time.

This graph shows how often our surgery patients receive all best-practice care elements for their illness. Best-practice elements are standards created using research and evidence from in-hospital patient visits. The elements provide a blueprint that health care providers nationwide follow to reliably deliver the best possible results for patients.

Surgical Care

If you have surgery at Salem Hospital, your best-practice care will include:

  • Receiving medication to prevent blood clots.
  • Having appropriate hair removal prior to surgery.
  • Receiving appropriate medication at the right time.
  • Making sure that your glucose levels are controlled and stable.

The graph on this page compares our score to The Joint Commission National Performance Composite Score. The Composite Score is the total number of times patients received all the elements of care for which they were eligible, divided by the total number of opportunities we had to provide the care.

Why do we measure this?

When we measure our delivery of best-practice elements, we know just how well we're taking care of our patients. We then use that information to continually improve patient care.

The best-practice elements used to create the standards are taken from research in the health care field. That research shows that when all the best practices happen, patients have better outcomes than if one or more is left out or done wrong.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and The Joint Commission have endorsed the best practices. The measures are used as national standards in most acute care hospitals in the nation. In this way, U.S. hospitals follow the same practices and are working toward the same level of care.

What are we doing to improve?

At Salem Hospital, we've put together a surgical care champion team that meets to review overall surgical caregiving, share ideas and research, and brainstorm ways to reliably improve our care delivery.

The team also adds new care guidelines into our electronic medical records system. This means that physicians and staff are automatically reminded to use updated surgical care practices with all surgical patients. The result is more reliability in meeting the standards and further reinforcement of those standards.

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