Important phone numbers

The main hospital number is 503-561-5200.

Phone numbers for patient rooms are the building prefix followed by the room number.

  • Building A:  503-814-XXXX (four-digit room number)
  • Building B:  503-561-XXXX (four-digit room number)
  • Building D has three prefixes, so call the main hospital number to have an operator confirm the prefix number for the person you want to call.

Outside calls may not be received in patient rooms in the Intensive Care Unit or in the Pediatric Unit.

Numbers to know

Guest services switchboard — 503-561-5200
Patient information — 503-561-5242
Room service meals and snacks — 503-561-3663
Security — 503-814-0311
Security (emergencies only) — 503-814-0911
Social services and interpreter services — 503-561-5279
Spiritual care — 503-561-5562
TDD (hearing impaired) — 503-561-5636

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