Maternity visitors

Salem Hospital promotes family-centered maternity care.

As requested by the mother, family and visitors are encouraged to participate in this special life event.

Because of the sensitive nature of newborn immune systems, and to prevent child abductions, we have special rules for visitors in our Family Birth Center.

General visiting guidelines

  • Dads, main support persons, siblings of the newborn, grandparents and clergy may visit mom at any time.
  • Mom’s main support person (adult) is welcome to be with her any time of the day or night.
  • Wash hands often and well with soap and water or use the alcohol hand-gel located in all rooms, especially before handling the baby.
  • Parents are responsible for making sure their children under the age of 12 are supervised by an adult, other than the mother, throughout the mother’s hospital stay.
  • Visitors exposed to known communicable diseases or showing signs of illness (fever, cough, etc.) are asked not to visit.
  • Visitation may be limited or expanded at the healthcare provider’s or nurse’s discretion, taking into consideration the patient’s condition and preference.
  • Cover gowns and masks are available if needed.

Labor & Delivery visiting guidelines

  • Women in labor are asked to limit their support persons to a maximum of three people. Discuss this with your healthcare provider and let your nurse know your plans when you are admitted.
  • Hallways must be kept clear for safety. Visitors are asked to wait in designated waiting areas.

Mother Baby Unit visiting guidelines

  • Once the mother is admitted to the Mother Baby Unit, visitors are encouraged to visit during regular hospital visiting hours, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Only people with numbered ID bracelets may move baby in the crib from the mother’s room. Generally, the baby will be with mother in her room.

NICU visiting guidelines

  • If the baby is admitted to the NICU, the visiting guidelines will be reviewed with the family.

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