Charity care and financial assistance

In 2010, Salem Health provided a total of more than $102 million in community benefits, including $89.7 million in health care services that were not reimbursed.

Here are some highlights of our 2010 community benefits:

  • More than $24 million in charity care and financial assistance was provided for patients who couldn't afford to pay for some or all of their health care.
  • There were 54,508 patient visits at Salem Hospital that received financial assistance, with 66 percent covered 100 percent.
  • There were 5,372 patient visits at West Valley Hospital that received financial assistance, with 52 percent covered 100 percent.
  • There continue to be low reimbursement rates from the federal government – with Salem Health in 2010 absorbing $47.3 million of unreimbursed Medicare costs and $13.6 million of unreimbursed Medicaid costs.

At Salem Health, we are committed to working closely with our patients and their families to provide financial help for their medical bills whenever possible.

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