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    Lunch Hour Power

    Salem | November 30, 2015 3:30 AM
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    Lunch Hour Power is the answer to all! Join us for a fun and productive strength workout wrapped up in a neat 45 minute package to get you out and on your way.
middle aged couple

7 ways to stop the "middle-age spread"

When you hit middle age around 45, it’s not uncommon for pounds to sneak up on you. Then one day, you wonder if your dryer is too hot because your jeans are suddenly tight.
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Natural alternatives to artificial colors

Natural coloring comes from plants, even insects, rocks, and soil components, while artificial dyes are made from synthetic chemicals. Artificial dyes are everywhere—from breakfast cereal to soft drinks and vitamins.
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Outpatient rehab Oct 2015

Read the latest about our new rehab building

The outpatient rehab facility’s façade should be complete soon. Crews will be working on finishes inside the building.

Periodically, the gates may be open for work vehicles, but the property is still a construction site, which means access is limited. We know you want to peek, but please stay safe and stay outside the fence.

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